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Everything about ‘MJ SNORK’

My story is one of exploration, discovery and nostalgia. The setting is provided by two of the most invigorating things to broaden my perspective on life:


At best you could describe this pun of articles to be a (b)log of what makes my fragile heart beat just a tad faster. And if your heart beats to that same rhythm, you’ve come to the right place! Steady as I go TRIPPIN’ through songs, albums, artists, cities, landscapes, concerts, festivals, collectables, I will attempt to take you along on my journeys , hitchin’ a ride to hedonism.

♠ Come sit on my lap ♠

Let’s get one thing straight first; I tell stories. I write creative content and I gospel character. In my own realm of indulgences, those stories are not seldom to be taken lightly and preferably topped off with a smudge of absurdity. So if you’re expecting the latest news on the music or travel scene, I’ll have you singing the blues. I don’t do journalism. I’m not nearly pretentious or vain enough to think that I could live up to current journalistic standards.

However, if you’re not too shy to follow big me down the rabbit hole, I’ll lead you through a wondrous world. We’ll get it on, explore, discover, rediscover, get nostalgic and get blown away by the beauty that lies within our frabjous MUSICAL JOURNEYS (instructables below). I’ll be your travel and music guide, offering you a unique view through my looking glass … Because if you look close enough, what a wonderful world it is indeed…


♠ Instructables ♠

How to rock the SNORK-blog :

Somewhere start highschool, one of our teachers explained to us the works of long- and short-time memory. It all boiled down to one simple fact. To get matter into your long-term memory, one needs repetition. I love discovering new music or rediscovering the old, however suffering from occasional dementia, I tend to forget what I listened to pretty fast. I used to write down songs or artists that struck me so I could look it up afterwards. But since a classical pinboard to put my notes up on, is so passé (however vintage it may be) I came up with the idea of bringing to life my own digital pinboard, which is quite easy with technologies nowadays. If you look close enough, you’ll find songs pinned in each and every article I write.

This is the least you could do :

We live in an ‘instant’-society‘, that’s a fact. And the more instant it gets, the less meaning is seems to contain. Nevertheless, beauty often lies in simplicity. The more complex things get , the more beauty gets lost … So let’s cherish those seemingly insignificant moment and create ‘instant feel-good. Slow down, try to look past routines and open your mind to the extraordinary that lies just around the corner. Smell the fresh pot of coffee, gaze at  the black hole sun or feel the rain on your face. Pamper your dog or your cat, break a rule, have a drink, get drunk … I promise it will kickstart your heart. Music can help you do just that. It has the power of opening up the mind. Music is fantasy, music is emotion. It lifts spirits and heals the miserable. If you keep that in mind, seemingly insignificant instant-moments combined with just the right music can create meaning, one for me, another one for you. So please, put some meaning in your  heart-shaped jukebox, that will be my  SOS to the world.

Not to put anyone under pressure but if you should suddenly feel thoughts or songs boiling up from your comment-writing fingers, don’t hesitate to share. Get nuts, get crazy baby! Take me away on your own musical journeys. Whatever that might involve I leave completely up to you, that’s your decision