Custom Playlists

Because time is not always on my side. Because sometimes there are just too little hours in one day. Because at times I barely manage to get my daily shit sorted out. That’s why, from time to time, you and me both, are left out on new posts. I’m left out of time to write and you’re left out of new material to read.

But fear not! I’ve come up with a solution to fill in the blank spots. A compromise if you will, to soothe both our moods. I’ll offer us everlasting solace for any kind of momentary frustration. I’ll offer us a safety valve against any kind of slump pressure induced moods. Or, I might offer us an outlet to facilitate eruptions of
sheer excitement.

In short, I give you my own hand-picked custom playlists. Scream along from the top of your lungs, from under your shower, after a hard day’s work, at the start or your vacation, on game night or during the jolly holiday season. Scroll right down and find an appropiate theme that will suit the moment …


Only the most educational School-related Rock Songs

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