How to raise the Undead

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We all know the feeling of agonizing, tortuous pain when your favorite band splits. Such a bitch! However there’s always still a milky chance of them coming together again sooner or later. For instance a ‘Spice Girl’-reunion was in the air for quite some time last year. Rumors were circling around not only about a reunion in 2018 but God forbid, even a new album and a TV-special. Unfortunately that’s not exactly the reconciliation I was hoping for … sorry chicks, but no, I didn’t wannabe your lover …

But things could get even worse. One or more of the band members passing away. That’s when you know the proverbial sh*t has hit your fan-fan. You’ll have to come to terms with the sad realization that the magic of a Saturday-night live performance is forever gone … or is it? Well, one of the people raising one or more brows and frantically chuckling on this enigma, must be Adam Lambert. This flamboyant trickster immigrated in the skin and bones of none other than the late Freddie Mercury, reenacting the illustrious Queen. Trippin halfway round the world at the side of Brian and Roger, he must have made amends with the hordes of Queen-fans who had been deprived of a burlesque show ever since Paul Rogers. I’ll applaud to that!

A call out to Cover Bands

Word Up! Let’s get more where that came from! I often wonder, if I only had one more concert I could go to, … Impossible nut to crack. Almost, no exactly like asking me the last cipher of the number π. So many brilliant artists that really got me. If I could have it my way, I’d have them all rushing themselves headlong into one single line up. Dead or alive, split or banana’s, for one last night of Saturday night fighting. Fat Chance, you say? Only when piggies fly, you say? Well this flying piggy is raising it’s brow now. Because, yes, I’ll bet you my money for nothing, there must be a coverband out there, gutsy and skilled enough to do just that.

I say … Hear ye, Hear ye (Hello There)
I say … who be worthy of the challenge to resurrect 
	a whole lotta rosy classics
I say … to he who whip it good, may fortune be bestowed upon thou my son.
I say … to thou who kickstarts my heart with the embedded playlist in 
this post, forever shalt I be your girl.

PS. I’m well aware that some of the embedded songs still have actively 
performing artists. Nevertheless, you never know when a 
killer on the loose might strike so just to be on the safe-side, 
I already included them.
Sincerely yours,

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