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the Dead Daisies in concert

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Facts & Figures

Date: 17/04/2018

Venue: Biebob – Vosselaar (Belgium)

Bandmembers: John Corabi (vocals), David Lowy (rythm guitar),

Marco Mendoza (bass guitar), Doug Aldrich (guitar), Deen Castronovo (drums)

Band Roots: Australia (Sydney)

Supporting Act: the New Roses


A SOAR-report

I can’t imagine anyone would need an explanation as to why one would consider going to a ‘Dead Daisies’ concert. But for the record, and solely for that, I’ll make the effort and try to paint a picture. Once upon a time, in a kingdom far away, a mad forest ranger dug himself a pit and in a pathological frenzy, threw in parts of Thin Lizzy, Mötley Crüe, Journey, Whitesnake and Dio. The parts fermented underground where on the surface, dead daisies started rising up. And we all know how that story ended; an aviator fell down from the sky and resurrected a horde of demonic supernaturals.

Well, I might have left the truth behind a bit, but the red lining here still stands. The Dead Daisies qualify quiet well to being the embodiment of a SUPERband’s definition. So no wonder I wanted to witness firsthand what such a kick-ass match-up of seasoned musicians sounds like.

S – Strenghts

You’re only as strong as your weakest link. Hereby I’m not referring to the band’s skills ‘cause those stand undisputed. I’m referring to everyone present, the community of fans or as John Corabi spontaneously claimed on stage: no fans but only friends of the band. Well it sure felt that way! Judging from the ambiance, I might as well have been at a friend’s backyard party. Only the overwhelming loudness roaring out of the boxes, the spectacle of colored lights moving through the arenia and the toilet-door art, gave away a somewhat more licensed character. Nonetheless, no elbowing or jamming in the crowd, doormen making friendly conversation, artists mingling after the show, … it’s been a while since I saw people joining together so sweatly.

O – Opportunities

Did I mention the Dead Daisies care for their fanbase? Well they do! First up is their ‘signing session’ policy. First 100 through the doors get to line up for an up-close moment. In addition, everyone with a fanclub membercard, is equally welcome to go say hay to these chaps. And if you thought that was it, you’re wrong. Brace yourself, lock ‘n load and I’ll shoot some more rad fan opportunities the band has in store, your way.

Followers can enter in the ‘PosterItUp’-competition by taking a picture in front of the posters the band has put up on their tour locations. Off course if the tour isn’t crossing your path, you might feel held back by the long way to go. But fear not.  Considerate as they are, the Daisies also launched ‘an Excellent Adventure’. You can take that very literally. A chance to go see one of the band’s shows, including overnight stay plus allowance. All you have to do is take a picture of yourself with some merch you bought. Must be any fan’s wet dream. And hoard all you want because multiple entries are allowed!

Finally, while I was writing this post, it came to my attention that the Daisies launched yet another contest. This time 10 fortunate souls will be picked to experience firsthand, the making of a new music video for ‘Dead and Gone’. Unfortunately this invite only stands for inhabitants of Germany. But I’m sure the Daisies will be living up to their customs and there’ll be more where that came from.

A – Aspirations

I plea guilty, I didn’t check who was going to open up for the Daisies. So no high hopes, no high expectations. Only the foresight of an all-encompassing rock-storm conjured up by the headlining act. Nevertheless, the wild-hearted ‘New Roses’ sure stood their ground. Wait, who am I f*cking kidding, they didn’t just stand, they moved the ground from under the audience’s feet. To me, they didn’t sound like no aspirant artists trying to catch a break-through. From what I heard they damn-well earn their place in the skies of rock’n roll stardom.

the New Roses

I’d think opening up for a band like the Dead Daisies could be a potential arm-twister. But these guys didn’t look scared at all! No way was I going to leave without a trace of that ballsy, unchained audacity they brought on stage. As you might know or read here, my first-choice fix to remember a gratifying night by, is a setlist. Since I didn’t see one lying around the stage after the New Roses’ act, I took it upon me to just go and ask for it. And what do you know, not only was the leadsinger friendly enough to type the list in my phone’s notes. Afterwards the guitarist of the band came up to me with a written copy aswell! Un-f*cking-believable! Sweet-ass music AND sweet-pea musicians… definitely left me thirsty for more!

setlist the New Roses

R – Result

So what did this kick-ass match-up result in? Well, let me enlighten you. That night a haze of enthusiasm, of sheer fervor and ferocity captivated both artist and audience. The fieriness oozing out of everyone’s pores set the place on fire. Them Daisies and Deadsies sure took the tourtheme Burn it Down seriously. Maybe a bit too serious. The sparks of so much whoopee makin’, freekin’ caused an actual power outage. I can’t do anything but admit that both the Dead Daisies and the New Roses created a sweet buzz in my head. Although that might have been due to the fact that I was standing a bit too close to the boxes aswell …

Mainline, it’s very probably gonna take time and talent before I bump into a gig that will match this one.  An insanely mad night, one for the books, I’ll be remembering happily ever after…

The Dead Daisies


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