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Dog’s in the Cradle

Literally just popped out of the womb and there they were, the first things I could call my own; a baby’s true best friends, given to me by my loving parents; a little Snoopy along with his companion Woodstock, crying out to me; I wanna be your dog. No wonder, everytime I spot a Peanuts-related character, I’m ‘Pavlov’–wise, conditioned to associate it with that warm fuzzy feeling of my first nesting place.

One might ask him- or herself if Snoopy, that poor sweet baby, had that same warm nest to spend his first days in. After all one must keep in mind that many puppies are born in doggie mills with much less than acceptable conditions for its newborn furballs. The people at ‘Dogster’ conducted a very thorough investigation on the matter . You should definitely take the time to read up on this one (it won’t take you long).

Unlike myself, Snoopy must have been born somewhere around 1950. One might say Snoopy is a bit of a late bloomer; only in his early-twenties (when it was the early-seventies), coolness struck … creating his alter ego ‘Joe Cool’. Pretending to be a college student, the beagle simply put on a pair of sunglasses often leaning against a wall, somewhat like James Dean or Fonzie from Happy Days. Obviously, amongst the many depictions made of the dog, this portrayal of the pooch is most associated with the rock & roll scene.

Snoopy Joe Cool banner

Even though I’ve long outgrown my cradle, it seems I still have a soft-spot for snoopy-related-items. Lucky me, they’re wide-spread and a dime a dozen meaning you don’t have to dig deep into your wallet to get yours.

What caught my eye a while ago, was the VANS-Schulz collaboration that resulted in a Vans-Peanuts collection. Part of that collection is a kick-ass white sneaker with Joe Cool on it. I haven’t been able to buy it yet because my size seems to be out of stock all over … but definitely on my next Christmas wishlist!

Thank you Aunt Ann!


Can you believe this canine wonder even has its own musical! You can read all about it on Wikipedia . In case you hadn’t noticed, you can find a couple of the musical’s songs  in this text.

In 2015, Snoopy was even honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, becoming the second ‘Peanuts’-related figure to be inducted with a star, after Schulz himself.

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