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I remember it as if it was yesterday. Or maybe not, because that would mean I’d be having eyes like pissholes in the snow, shaking like a cat shittin’ a peach sead, bit by a donkey, feeling the beat of the tambourine. But aside from a hangover, all that liquor in the nighttime did leave strange memories.

The year was 2010, the band was ‘Katastroof’, an infamous Antwerp trio whose repertoire mainly consists of drinking songs, protestsongs against church and religion in general, critisism on politics and society and not to be forgotten; women and sex. All written in Antwerp dialect, the lyrics are to be considered humoristic, often sarcastic and less than seldom bold. Despite the very local vocabulary, they also seem to have undertaken a couple of endeavors to build up a more multilingual repertoire. Result being a Swedisch song, a French song, an English song and my personal favorite, the German song.


Now as I recall it , after a couple of shots of Dutch courage, willingly providing the backing vocals for one of the songs on stage, I kindly suggested one of the bandmembers to grace the audience with their German Anthem. However, he declined saying that the song just wasn’t on their setlist for that night. Obviously I coudn’t go home without double-checking that statement … next day I found the setlist in one of my jacketpockets.

So in retrospect, what good can drinking do? It got me my first setlist; the skid-mark of a artist’s performance, the weezables of yesternight’s jams and cheese, the belt-lap on a raton morning. This setlist will get framed and put up my wall of wondrous musical journeys, being my first ‘wonderwall-paper’.

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