Triggerfinger in Concert

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Facts & Figures

Date:                             02/02/2018

Venue:                          Ancienne Belgique, Brussels, Belgium

Bandmembers:         Ruben Block (vocals, lead guitar), Paul Van Bruystegem (bass-guitar),

Mario Goossens (drums)

Band Roots:             Belgium (Antwerp)

Supporting Act :      Hong Kong Dong

a SCOPE – report

Collateral damage, that’s what it was. Collateral damage to my bancaccount, as I had opened the ticketsite on my laptop with the intent to strike a Stypes-ticket. And I did. I struck the ticket that had instigated me but got stricken by another. As did a sheer second of breathlessness. In that same milli-second my body decided to release a small extra amount of endorphins, hormones and whatever hazardous bodily chemicals can cause a flair of ticketing frenzy. Blood was slowly but surely draining from the cerebral twirls that attempt to impart some rationality to my doings and going straight down to my right indexfinger that was already frantically tapping the mouse-touchpad. And before I damn-well knew it, I had ordered tickets to Triggerfinger. The band had already sold out 2 concerts at the same venue and was now in for a third.

Lil’ Teasers they are, them rocking gents in suits, causing such commotion, a stir of emotions. How the f*ck did that happen? I’m as down to earth as they get. My best guess is they fed me some black magic through a hypnotic banner of some sort … What other black panic would this band have in store for me?

 S – Situation

Ancienne Belgique always knows to create a perfect match between audience and artist. I reckon, after 3 sold out shows, that this band could have smoothly filled up a much larger venue without even busting their fannies for it. Acknowledging this, makes me appreciate even more so, the choice to captivate and charm your audience in a smaller setting. A setting that manages to somewhat breach the void between the onstage elite and the offstage crowd.

C – Core Competencies

All 3 of these men are without a doubt, truly competent musicians. But that’s not me talking, that’s just me reading up on actual music critics. Me, I wouldn’t know a masterpiece from an off the rack– buzz even if handed to me on a silver platter. However, this band sure took a good shot at highlighting its members competencies. The highlights being explicitly and unconventionally bright on Mario’s drumset. His entire outfit was nicely aligned with both Ruben’s and Paul’s posts on stage. In my humble opinion, this is definitely something every band should at least consider, to give the drummer the spotlight he’s entitled to. These gents prove that it’s really not that hard, now is it?! On the contrary, they went as far as stepping down to make way for a flesh tight drum solo. Kudos to you Mario. You put the cherry on the iced cake.

O – Obstacles

No hordes of shrieking, deliriously moaning teens, half-way from passing out. No, here I encountered viciously horny middle-aged women, unscrupulously squirming their way through the crowd if even to get just half an inch closer to their eye’s apple. But I stood my ground! All this dancin’ around requires a strict minimum of space. I hate getting jam-packed to the point where I tend to believe I’d feel more comfortable in a Hong Kong subway on rush-hour. Really, where’s the fun in that? Unfortunately, these middle-aged furies can be tenacious. All night long we had a handbag bumping up and down our backs as a subtle reminder from its owner that she had preferred we dodged it and made way … Please next time, consider giving these vixens a separate upstairs box where they can abundantly scratch out each other’s eyes.

P – Prospects

What grabbed me was definitely the inconsistency of style between the main and supporting act. The dongs from Hong Kong came in loud and clear. And I’ll admit one will seldom see the sheer devotion and great fervor with which they brought their sounds to existence and to scene. Yes, you sure brought us back a live wild one. The least I can say is that it struck me as a bit bizar. But maybe that’s just easy-peasy me getting a tad overwhelmed. Nevertheless, it made me wonder what criteria are being used nowadays for selecting the most suitable act to make your introductions. You must have a whole fish pond full of applicants for the job, I assume. Well, you’ve got the bate, take out your rods and go fishing.

E – Expectations

Glad you asked. Surrendering myself to a rush of ticketing-panic, had not been in vain. My wall of wondrous musical journeys is now richer one more setlist. As the band got off stage after the obligatory ‘encores’ I spotted from the corner of my eye, Paul’s setlist left deserted and forsaken. I could hear it calling out to me, magically gleaming with the afterglow of a good night’s vibrations. I was trying to hold back but seeing a colleague crowdmember running off with another setlist, I figured; if he can do it, I can do too! Setlist, I’m coming for you!


And last but not least, the million-dollar question; did Triggerfinger’s incantations evoke any wickedness? The moment I felt most hypnotized, nailed to the ground with my blood palpating though my vanes, was when the rapturing rhythms of the drums hit their high. If any black magic took place it was definitely and primarily by the hands of the drummer. There you have it. It’s always the drummer no one suspects. So, in conclusion, never trust the drummer. He’ll get you on your knees

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