The Strypes in Concert

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Facts & Figures

Date:                                    30/01/2018

Venue:                                Ancienne Belgique, Brussels, Belgium

Band Members:              Ross Farrelly (vocals), Josh McClorey (leadguitar),

Pete O’Hanlon (bass-guitar), Evan Walsh (drums)

Band Roots:                       Ireland (Cavan)

Supporting Act :               Max Meser

a SWOT – report

Why did I decide to buy myself a ticket to a Strypes-concert? Well, I got intrigued. Intrigued by a shitload of established values in the sector, speaking so highly of this band. Seasoned artists in their autumn years such as Elton John, Jeff Beck, Paul Weller, Noel Gallagher, Dave Grohl, Roger Daltrey, and Miles Kane, who have publicly proclaimed to be fan of the band. Big hands all around for the young and gifted. However such pats on the back do raise great expectations. I was fascinated to find out if this band could live up to them. Did they truly earn their ‘Strypes’?

S – Strengths

Sit back and buckle up. Or better yet, get up and get into it! Into what, you say? Into the world of the Strypes, that is. You can take that very literally. I didn’t just buy a ticket to go to a concert. No, I felt like I had gotten into a theater show on top as a bonus. Each of the band’s member exhales its own persona with its own kooky characteristics. And all those quirks combined on 1 stage, altogether create one funky dynamism. No need to get that over quickly. On the contrary, these boys should get their own sitcom. Josh could add the vigorous verve and the ‘kick-out-the-jams‘-attitude of the Muppet’s Animal. Pete could sweeten up their teen-drama with the angel eyes and credulous smile of Married with Children’s Bud. Evan, the mystery man behind the drums, could capture the riddling pantomimes of South Park’s Kenny. And last but not least, Ross indisputably brings forth the coolness and easygoings of Happy Day’s the Fonz, if only for the fact that this guy probably even takes his showers with his black shades. Nice work boys, keep your acts together and you’ve got yourself a proper ‘That Strypes Show’.

W – Weaknesses

photocredit @ the strypes instagramUndoubtedly, they must have nurtured their musical talents for over the last decade of their young lives. And judging from their fervor on stage, I’m sure they neither spared time nor effort to tune their skills to perfection. But what about their common knowledge? What’s the Status Update on the general scholastic basics?  Judging from their tour announcements, geography needs some brushing up. Mama, give them order to crack open their atlases once in a while and at least read up on their tour destinations. ‘Cause and correct me if I’m wrong, Brussels was never annexed by Germany and is currently still Belgian claimed territory.

O – Opportunities

I could tell from the merch-stand that sales must have already been ginormous. If I remember correctly, the only items on display were a couple of plain T’s. What a Shame! Stock up boys! And do dare adding a tad of contemporary profile to the featured merch. With a bandname like yours, if it were up to me, I’d get into merch-cook-up frenzy. Stripes for Strypes, here there and everywhere, in every which way. Except horizontally, them stripes make me look fat.

And as long as we’re discussing wardrobe here. If you reckon a make-over of your merch would be appropriate, consider thinning out the red checkered items in Ross’ wardrobe. Honestly, the Fonz wouldn’t be caught dead wearing red tartan pants, let alone combining them into an ensemble with an equally red tartan vest… But hey, who am I? Probably just some cruel brunette who missed that fashion-train by a couple of decades.

T – Threaths

Props to Max Meser. The man stole your stripes, literally, on his pants. And he got them down. Not the pants obviously but the stripes. I cannot stress enough stripes on clothing should always go from up to down, vertically that is. Be that as is may, likewise the stripes on the pants, he also got his act down that night. With a somewhat similar sound, yet a smidge more Beatlesque, you’ve got yourself a moth situation on your hands. He’ll be flocking right down your lane to that same light that drives all of you. But the more the merrier, I always say. Keep rollin’ and tumblin’ towards that light and take us along with you!

All things considered, you could say boys will be boys just as stripes will never be circles. I’m glad I decided not to judge a book by its cover. In a manner of speaking, you could say I got through the introduction where I witnessed a band that was able, without getting overly eccentric, to put forward a forthright uniqueness. No ifs ands or buts about it, I’m eager to see where the next chapters will take you. Keep me posted on ‘That Strypes Show’!

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