the Rolling Stones in Concert

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Facts & Figures

Date:                                   13/07/2013

Venue:                                Hyde Park

Bandmembers:                Mick Jagger (vocals), Keith Richards (guitar),

Charlie Watts (drums), Ron Wood (bass-guitar)

Band Roots:                    UK (London)

a GAP – report

Let’s take a trip down memory lane. I had just booked a roundtrip and a weekend stay in London, when I stumbled upon Rolling Stones tourdates. That day clouds of doom and gloom arose from our chimney along with a couple of lightnings of blaspheming profanities. I had noticed that just the weekend before, the Stones were set out to enrapture a favored audience at Hyde Park. Wide-eyed me, thinking I could have been one of those fortunate souls that got their hands on a ticket. How could my faraway-eyes have missed this? Well, no use in crying. Life goes on, I supposed. At that time I was still utterly clueless as to the fact that the band had planned a second gig on the precise and exact moment of my London visit.

I only found out about the afterwards disclosed Hyde Park jam on the day itself, when I was googling through online London in search of a nice place to have my dinner. The hotel desk clerks must have worked up quiet the blush on my behalf because anew, bloody bollocks, did I get properly pissed off and while we’re at it, let’s throw in a ‘bag o’shite’ as well. Was this just my imagination running away with me or a true hand of fate?

Desired Performance

If you should ask some of my closest friends, some might claim I can get pretty pigheaded from time to time. That evening in London, I’d have to admit, I proved their point.  Can’t always get what I want? Well we’ll see about that! I refused to let this one slip and under cover of the night, I rushed to Hyde Park.

The band’s on stage and it’s one of those nights, on which only people with a valid ticket get entrance. Where was that going to leave me? They got me fired up, dashing trough the London streets, yearning just to see a face, to hear the music. F*ck, it’s only rock ‘n roll but hell, I like it. I still don’t exactly know what I was hoping or anticipating on. But I knew, my dearest Rolling Rockers, if you can’t rock me, get off my cloud and next time I’ll find someone else who can …

Actual Performance

When I finally arrived at the Hyde Park ground, I was baffled. All around and around, hundreds of people, sitting on the grass outside the barricades.  Flocks of pigheaded hedonists, relishing in the sweet Stones’ melodies. Most of them, indulging in a can of beer or bottle of wine along with a bag of potato-chips and other savories, raided from the local gasstation on the corner, which got completely plundered that night. In the air whiffling though Hyde Parks foliage and damp-bodied crowds, an ambiance of summer romance and tickling excitement prevailed. I bore witness to the rock circus that brought satisfaction to town.

I even caught quick glimpses of Mick’s head, bobbing up and down and about, while inexhaustibly running down the stage. However, the bands unfettered charisma and Mick’s in particular, couldn’t be held back by no fences and was felt at large and at heart by all my neighboring spectators. Little by little I came to experience first hand, what Keith Richards had uttered in an interview ; “Don’t focus on the ‘rock’. Anyone can ‘rock’. But the ‘roll’, that’s what it’s about.” (HLN 28/06/2013-ANP/BuzzE)

So let’s get to the Aftermath. All things considered; The Stones even know how to put the meaning of the word ‘gap’ to blush. The actual performance abundantly exceeded my stormy desires. They’ve succeeded in outliving expectations as well as time. Ergo, so much for the Gap of Generations. It’s been hymned thick and fast and I’ll eagerly take the occasion to do so again; time is on their sides. They have prevailed long beyond the average band’s life expectancy and what’s more, they have done so without deteriorating into outdated relics. The only gaps of time you’ll find, are the gulch-like gaps in the faces of these golden-agers. But just for the sake of it, let’s just say these are the scars of evolution.

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