What ever Happened to New Beats?!

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Who the f*ck started emoji-mania ?! Time to kill the basterd, Burn the witch, string them up the hanging tree and sink them down the wishing well. Needless to say, generally I’m not a fan. Is it really too much to ask, to try and express yourself trough a fully-fledged vocabulary? I think Apple must have seen this protest coming and ‘cunningly’ created a fresh new IOS-app, innovatively called ‘Imoji’ which gives its users the possibility to create emoticons with your own facial expression. And there you have it, as Mr Gaston Bachelard states in his Poetics of Space: “Our emotion is perhaps nothing but an expression of a poetry that was lost”.

I’m at a loss for words … literally. #OMG – let’s put up an Imoji. And while we’re at it, why not rework our existing literature just as well…

What ever happened to the good ol’ days

… when little smiling faces were just that; a feelgood symbol for the masses, a wink to the ‘ethics’ of the summer of love. Even before becoming a perverted symbol of digital mind-numbness, the punk-scene tried to rail against it and made It into a symbol of defiance, translating depictions of the grinning horror into provocative absurd derivatives. I remember these mockeries, specifically as button badges, legendary decorating all too many of yesteryear’s jackets. My own three smiley-badges ; one yellow, one green and one pink, I have long lost just like many other keepsakes from my childhood. Hence, time to bring back some circle-shaped silhouettes onto my current wardrobe.

And for what it’s worth; Keep smiling!

If you’d like to read up on how a seemingly innocent face became a demonic digital virus, you can turn to an article by Jon Savage ‘A design for Life’. 

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