List of usefull accessories on an Everest Base-Camp Trekking

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Get armed and ready

♠ Hiking shoes

Nepal Everest Carrier

My admiration goes out to our carrier, strolling effortlessly along on his flip-flops in the lower regions of the trekking, while we were already half-way passing out …

♠ Thermos for ‘hot lemon’

NEpal Everest Yak Cheese

The ultimate detox-beverage containing nothing but hot water and lemon, available along each and every mountain trail, as is the local Yak-Cheese.

♠ A paper map

Nepal Everst map

Not really for finding your way… most of the time there’s only one trail to follow or, off course, your trusted guide. However, it proved to be very useful to keep away flies in the lower regions of the trek and it’s an indispensable prop for your holiday-pics.

♠ Deodorant

Nepal Everest icewater

… and lots of it, unless you prefer taking a shower in a room so cold it might as well have been your butcher’s freezer compartment. And no use trying to take a shower in the morning; you’ll have to wait until the barrel of water has defrosted.

♠ Address of your embassy

Nepal Embassy Belgium

When your little hip-bag with your visa and passport, isn’t always the first thing that pops to mind after a quick rest along the road.

♠ Portable Chargers

Nepal Everest fog dragon

No, not for your cell-phone, you dipshit. Really, who are you going to call up on the mountain and no, there are no wifi-hotspots along the trail. I took along portable chargers for me, honey waffles and powerbars, to awaken the beast in me whenever I felt it had become a weezing, gasping woodchuck.


Nepal Everest altitude watch

Your companions on your venture into higher altitudes are gallons of garlic-soup, a penetrating body-odor and a box of Diamox pills. However, these are mere servants to your body, demanding its portion of oxygen that becomes scarcer the higher up you go. If you notice that these servants can’t meet your body’s expectations, you definitely should slow down, give your body the time to acclimatize. If you’re keen on avoiding lung- or brain damage (pulmonary or brain edema), caused by height sickness, patience is your virtue. If it’s any consolation, the beauty of this mountain hike is; anyone can do it, given time is on your side.

♠ A local beer in a can

Nepal Everest Beer

When you actually reach your destination, you don’t want to kick up your heels and make a whoopee, with your thermos filled with ‘hot lemon’

♠ A well thought through setlist

Nepal Everest trail

Put together your own mountain sounds. Get inspired in these pages, but that goes without saying right …

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